AMS Contacts

The Allegheny Mountain Section would be happy to hear from you.  Take a moment to email us at and our team can answer your questions and provide you with more information.

Officers and Directors, 2024

2024 Chair -  Kristen Robertson

2024 Vice Chair -  Ian Donaldson

2024 Secretary - Jake Rattay

2024 Treasurer - Kimberly Walker

Past Chair -  Al DePaoli

2022-2024 Director - Allie Juarez

2022-2024 Director - Nick Pezich

2023-2025 Director - Randy York

2023-2025 Director - Allyson Kirby

2024-2026 Director - Zack Schmidt

2024-2026 Director Dessa McCurdy

Committee Chairs, 2024

Membership - Tom Muscenti

Programs - Dessa McCurdy

Scholarship - Meghan Yingling

Education - Jayme Graham

Development - Al DePaoli

Communications/Webmaster - Eric Balboni

Publications - Meghan Yingling and Matt Kraus

University Relations - Zack Schmidt

Young Professionals -  Nick Pezich

Luncheon Registrar - Zack Schmidt

WV Chapter Liaison - Matt Kraus

NWPA Chapter Liaison - Ian Donaldson

Click below to download a list of the history of AMWA Allegheny Mountain Section Officers:

Allegheny Mountain Section Officer History 2023.docx